WhatsApp Data breach where around 500 million users data is on sale.

In this article,   we will look into the latest news about the huge data breach which had occurred where around 500 million  of Whatsapp users data  is for  purchase in 84 countries. The latest update about the data breach is that whatsapp’s around 500 million users data is available for purchase. As per the report, threat actor has posted an ad of a hacking community around 487 million users data is kept for the sale.

 As per the recent update, there is a huge downfall of the social media platform where many sensitive data of the users have been sold out. The increase in the number of data breaches is a huge loss for various countries. These data breaches are obtained by web scraping or web harvesting where an automated tool is used to collect the data which is against the whatsapp terms and services.

What is a data breach?

The word  “breach”  itself talks about breaking the law. So, data breach is nothing but breaking the law for accessing the data through unauthorized access. The data breach is nothing but accessing sensitive data of the public without the consent of the people. There are various types of data breach which are happening around the globe which are phishing, malware, ransomware  accidental data or exposure etc. which are the common of the data breach.

 In our next article we will look into phishing  and  ransomware and how  one can prevent such activities.


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